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Spread all over the territory we find bodies of water with very different characteristics. Environmental problems or different types of ecosystem condition that the practice of fishing in them should be regulated in a different way.
The different scenarios and types of waters suitable or not for fishing in Aragon can be classified as follows:

Social Preserves

These are stretches of water directly managed by the Administration of the Autonomous Community of Aragon in which the exploitation of the species being fished is carried out in an orderly manner in accordance with a specific regime. They are governed by the Fishing Act, the General Fishing Plan and the “Technical Plan” of the preserve itself. In order to be able to fish in a social preserve, a personal and non-transferable fishing permit is required and a quota of permits is established, requiring the payment of a fixed amount.

There are two types of social fishing reserves:

  • Social fishing preserves in extractive regime: It is not compulsory in them to return the caught fish, but they establish working periods of fishing and above all they are forced to comply with specific limitations as for the number of specimens that can be extracted and the measures.
  • Social fishing preserves in catch and release regime: These are those in which the exercise of fishing is just conditioned to the General Fishing Plan. It is compulsory to return species object of fishing to the water immediately after being caught and with the least possible damage respecting their integrity. The working periods are longer because the extraction of specimens from the ecosystem is not allowed.

Sport Preserves

In just one preserve, such as the Mequinenza reservoir, you already have 500 km of shores. In addition, all the species that the angler craves are present.
Coto de Canelles
Canelles Sport Preserve.

These are water stretches totally or partially managed by the Aragonese Fishing and Casting Federation as the only collaborating entity recognised by the Government of Aragon in the field of fishing..
Its objectives include the promotion of sport fishing, the holding of competitions, the maintenance of the environments and the preservation of the species that inhabit them, ensuring that the exploitation of the species that are the object of fishing is carried out in an orderly manner and in accordance with a specific regime that takes into account dimensions, quotas, fishing gear and periods and days allowed.
They are governed by the “Exploitation Plans” and there is one for each preserve.

In order to fish in sport preserves it is necessary to have, in addition to the regulatory documentation, a fishing permit issued by the Federation itself. .

If you want to know the many sport preserves in Aragon you can locate them on this website of the Aragonese Federation.

As outstanding preserves for fishing cyprinids are the Sea of Aragon and the Ribarroja Reservoir.

Free waters

Waters for the free fishing are those that have no limitations other than those established in the laws that regulate all waters not subject to a special regime.
They are free (no cost) fishing areas, although it is also necessary to be in possession of a fishing permit of the Aragón Community.
In these stretches there is an obligation to return the species caught to the river.